An interactive experience for museums & digital domes

To trigger educational experiences, after the screening of our immersive films the audience is invited to participate in a live experience that includes workshops and playful Show & Tell sessions with educators.


In a regular city, about one-third of the plastics used are for single-use packaging.

Up to 15 billion plastic bags are used every year and almost 57 million straws are used daily.

But you can’t see it …unless you dive!

Immersive experiences for education!

Cosmonaute 360 is a series of immersive films that awaken the curiosity of the audience prior to formal classes on topics such as astronomy, digital arts, cinema appreciation and ecology.

The main objective of our Full-Dome / VR shows is to promote interest in science through edutainment.

After the screening we kickstart the conversation!

In our new episode Mission: RESCUE we are learning about the consequences of plastic consumption.

A sneak peek into our new adventures!

Celebrating art, science and imagination!

Let’s paint colorful tote bags or join digital-art sessions and learn how to 3D-print your own creations. Our list of activities to promote creative thinking is constantly expanding and we are always willing to start new collaborations!

Success stories collaborating at an international level!

When we launched the first stage of this project in 2018 we had excellent reception among planetariums and new media festivals around the world. After organizing multiple activities in diverse educational forums we discovered a great interest of young audience and tutors to meet up and learn together about topics converging around science and artistic production. This is why we decided to launch on the mission to create ways to share knowledge with the new generations!

– Damné Jesús
Artistic Director of Dessignare Studio

Upcoming events and recent collaborations

From kinder garden to universities! We are collaborating with new media festivals and educational forums such as museums and schools at every educational level.

Guadalajara, Mexico

We are happy to announce the national premiere of our new episode with a big event at LUNARIA, the Planetarium and Interactive Center of Jalisco!

California, USA

Our new immersive show for museums debuted in Dome Fest West the Immersive Dome Film Festival and Conference taking place in Los Angeles.

Annecy, France

Dessignare Studio traveled to France to participate in the international market MIFA to present our new Immersive Experiences for Education

Chiayi, Taiwan

Touring in Asia with the collaboration of MOTUS Dome! Using technology to bridge the gap between nature and the city of Chiayi.

Múnich, Germany

We collaborated with the ESO Supernova Planetarium and Visitor Center by joining the event Art meets Science Under the Dome.

Canary Islands, Spain

We were honored to present our work in the Chinijo’s Festival of planetarium films, a cultural, scientific and entertainment commitment aimed at children.

We want our community to continue growing!

+ 200 planetariums + 20 countries

Together we can reach furthermore! Are you organizing activities promoting education? Get in touch with us to receive exclusive materials today.

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