A series of VR and Fulldome shows kickstarting educational experiences in Museums and Planetariums around the globe!

Cosmonaute 360

Mission: RESCUE

The Cosmo-Explorers will launch on a mission to rescue the marine life of Isla Bonita. Dealing with the consequences of large plastic waste their creativity will be put to the limit, inspiring the audience to protect nature.

Human Spiral

Tree of Life – Music Show

An audiovisual show with icons inspired in legends from the Mayan culture accompanied with music by Mexican alternative rock band Human Spiral. 

Cosmonaute 360

Episode 01

The first episode of a series of family friendly content that will inspire the audience by celebrating friendship and curiosity. A universal story that is dedicated to all the curious minds that dream of exploring outer space.

Cosmonaute 360

Time to Fly

The cosmo-explorers must stealthily enter a ranch to rescue a giant egg and before sunrise race a magical eagle and climb to a glorious location where they will take photographs of plants and animals extinct in their own space and time.

I had the pleasure of working with Dessignare for MOTUS Dome at KAGI, an immersive 360 festival produced in Taiwan. The works submitted for the festival were amazingly creative, colorful, and vibrant. Working and communicating has been clear, professional, and creative – great elements to building a successful project.

— Corbett Wall

Jesús is a talented digital media professional, with a great passion, not only for creating, but also for disseminating the high-quality work that is developed in our country. Entrepreneur, dedicated to his projects, eager to learn and keep up to date in the world of technology and creativity; he is always willing to share knowledge and experience.

— Mariana Cabral, ADOBE LATAM