Dessignare Studio

Dessignare Media is a creative group from Mexico City founded in 2009. We are motivated to promote culture and generate new opportunities for creators; That is why our mission is sharing knowledge trough the production of audiovisual content.

We boost creativity with wonderful stories that travel beyond the screens.


Dessignare Studio is dedicated to the creative development of digital art, design and animation projects. Specialized in cultural promotion through storytelling, our artists craft original content for film, television and immersive media.

Our work

We are passionate about producing documentary videos, animated short films, interactive experiences and video mapping shows.

We have wide experience developing high-impact projects. From cultural television content to hand-to-hand collaborations with international agencies, our portfolio includes commissioned work for global brands such as: Adobe, Air France, Google, Televisa. We have directed audiovisual productions for government offices, museums and art festivals.

Our artistic work has been awarded and projected in international forums.

How we collaborate?

Founded and directed by Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen in Mexico City. Throughout 13 years we have integrated a professional network of partners and collaborators. We work as a consulting firm providing content production services for international organizations such as Cartoon Brew (Canada), VIEW Conference (Italy) and Pixelatl (Mexico). We constantly create alliances with animation studios, software developers, communication agencies and digital art schools.

Dessignare creates original content with a professional style that allows valuable messages to be remembered and transcend.

José Iñesta – Director of Pixelatl

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