Episode 01

A little story of a great cosmic frienship!

Cosmonaute 360

Data Sheet

  • Title: Cosmonaute 360
  • Formats: 4K Fulldome / VR
  • Length: 04:50 Minutes
  • Target: Kids / Family
  • Technique: 3D Animation
  • Genre: Fantasy / Adventure
  • Language: Non-Dialogue
  • Production Year: 2018
  • Theme: Space Exploration
  • Director: Damné Jesús
  • Music: Ini Vázquez
  • Production: Dessignare Media
  • Animation: Dessignare.Studio
  • Country: Mexico


A universal story dedicated to all the curious minds that dream of exploring outer space. The first episode of a series of family content that will inspire the audience by celebrating friendship and curiosity.


On his way  home a space traveller, accidentally collides with an asteroid and is forced to land on an unknown planet. He meets a strange rabbit – who helps him out -teaching us a valuable lesson.

A fulldome classic!
Created with no dialogues to transcend language barriers and carefully crafted to capture the attention of children.

Educational Materials

Activities to enjoy with the family

Our films should be considered as tools to attract young audiences to art and science. The screening of the film is followed by +20 minutes playful activities. This can be Q&A or Show and Tell about astronomy or related topics guided by a an educator.

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Case Study – The making of Cosmonaute 360

An introduction class to creative production for young audiences or professionals guided by the film director. We can support museums and schools with on-site or virtual master classes and workshops organized via zoom/google meet.

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Congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL fulldome film. I have worked in the fulldome industry for many years and Cosmonaute is one of the most magical short films I have yet seen. Well done to you and your colleagues.

DOME CLUB LTD – United Kingdom

Dessignare work supporting and encouraging the development of Latin American and international creative industries is admirable! I’ve seen Damné Jesús not only excel at the core elements of his job — like with the amazing Cosmonaute 360 project — but also care to nurture other people’s desire to grow, championing opportunities to learn and looking for positive changes in the work culture.

Daniel Rojas Céspedes – Rocket Cartoon (Costa Rica)

Let’s create something great together!