Time to Fly

Let’s not wait for that perfect moment to come!

Time to Fly


  • MIFA Partner Pitches – Annecy Festival 2023

Data Sheet

  • Title: Cosmonaute 360 – Time to Fly
  • Formats: 4K Full-Dome / VR / HD (Stereoscopic)
  • Length: 10:00 Minutes
  • Target: Kids / Family
  • Technique: 3D Animation
  • Genre: Fantasy / Adventure
  • Language: Non-Dialogue
  • Release Date: Spring 2024
  • Theme: Ecology / Endangered species
  • Director: Damné Jesús
  • Music: Ini Vázquez
  • Production Company: Dessignare Media
  • Producer: Ana Cruz
  • Animation: Dessignare.Studio
  • Concept Art: Lolo Aburto / Hart
  • 3D props: Evilynch
  • Voice: Arianne Lira
  • Country: Mexico
Media Kit

Available upon request


We all can be extraordinary! A captivating story dedicated to all the brave hearts willing to understand and protect nature. The third episode (in develompent) of a series of family friendly contents that inspire the audience to celebrate friendship and curiosity.


The cosmo-explorers must stealthily enter Rancho Viejo to rescue a giant egg and before sunrise ride a
donkey and climb to the top of Mount Popoca, a glorious location with a pyramid where they will be
able to photograph plants and animals that have already become extinct in their own space and time.

Trailer – Coming Soon

A immersive series crafted to connect with new generations!
Created with no dialogues to transcend language barriers.

Educational Materials

Activities to enjoy with the family

Our films should be considered as tools to attract young audiences to art and science. The screening of the film is followed by +20 minutes playful activities. This can be a Show & Tell about ecology and related topics guided by an educator.

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Case Study – The making of Cosmonaute 360

Introduction classes to audiovisual production for young audiences and professionals guided by the film creators. We can support museums and schools with on-site or virtual master classes and workshops organized via zoom/google meet.

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Making of

Crafting sound design

We traveled to the beautiful beaches of Acapulco in search of capturing sounds for our new animated film. Discover the process behind the audio design that will delight our ears when we visit the tropical paradise.

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Developing immersive content

In recent years we have dedicated ourselves to studying and promoting emerging technologies. Since then we have been researching and developing solutions to create collective and interactive experiences.

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Congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL fulldome films. I have worked in the fulldome industry for many years and Cosmonaute is one of the most magical short films I have yet seen. Well done to you and your colleagues.


I had the pleasure of collaborating with Dessignare for MOTUS Dome at KAGI, an immersive 360 festival we produced in Taiwan. Their fulldome shows are amazingly creative, colorful, and vibrant.


Let’s create something great together!