Tree of Life

An artistic show inspired in Mayan culture

Tree of Life

Data Sheet

  • Title: Tree of Life
  • Formats: Fulldome Concert
  • Length: 06:00 Minutes
  • Target: All Ages
  • Technique: Motion Graphics
  • Genre: Music Show
  • Language: Non-Dialogue
  • Production Year: 2018
  • Theme: Mayan Culture
  • Director: Evelyn Sánchez
  • Music: Human Spiral
  • Production: Dessignare Media
  • Supervision: Dessignare.Studio
  • Animation: Evilynch
  • 3D: Damné Jesús
  • Country: Mexico


An audiovisual experience mixing music and animation with icons inspired in The Yaxche, as the Maya referred to it as the tree of life.


The Mayan Universe is composed of three planes or comic regions governed by different deities that manifest different types of energy. The three worlds are intimately related and are part of the great Cosmic Tree or axis of the universe, which raises its crown to embrace the heavens and plunges its roots into the depths of the underworld. Through this “tree of life” it is possible to transit from one region to another, it is the way that communicates and interweaves everything that exists. 

Amazingly creative, colorful, and vibrant.

Live Performances

Live Performance – Mapping Shows

Sharing culture in innovative ways. Celebrate a night of astral observation with a special event filled with vibrant colors. The music is interpreted in synchrony with projected visuals while the story of the universal Tree of Life is narrated.

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Virtual Concerts for Fulldome and VR

This artistic show mixes music and animation in multiple formats including creative workshops. The experience is now available for distribution in virtual reality devices, live streaming applications and digital dome systems.

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Human Spiral is an experimental rockband in Mexico, Marco Issac Laurrabaquio de León (Bass), Edgar Vásquez Buendía (Guitar) y Arturo González González (Drums).

In 2018 they release their first album produced in Mexico, under the title THE COMPREHEND OF OURSELVES. 


Damné Jesús is an amazing and very talented artist. His skills go from 2D motion graphics to 3D animation, illustration, video mapping, teaching and more recently has been working on Digital Dome projects. In other words, he has a wide experience in different areas and he is a total professional.


Dessignare works with talented artists and a reliable content producer. I had the opportunity to work with Damné Jesús as an immersive content consultant. He demonstrated the mastery required and he is in constant research and venturing in new technologies and formats. Always a pleasure working with him.


Let’s create something great together!