Cosmonaute 360 is an original project for edutainment developed by the creative group Dessignare Media, a Mexican studio dedicated to the promotion of creative industries worldwide.

With our series of immersive films specially designed in 360 format for virtual reality headsets and digital domes we can create experiences that promote the interest in science through an innovative way of entertainment. Our objective is to encourage our audiences to start their very own learning processes through methodic research and to foster artistic creations.

We collaborate with a diversity of groups to organize live on-site and online activities including workshops and master classes for young creators and professionals so they can venture into the development of their own art projects and audiovisual productions.

What our Community Say

Dessignare Media constantly collaborates with great artists to materialize high-quality audiovisual projects.

Asdrúbal Rivera, Co-Founder of Sísmica Studio

Their work to support and encourage the development of Latin American and international creative industries is admirable!

Daniel Rojas Céspedes, Co-Founder of Rocket Cartoons

Dessignare produces top-level content and shares its projects and knowledge with an effervescent community, eager for educational methodologies, spaces for reflection, and dialogue.

Michelle Castro, Marketing Manager at Escuela ESCENA

Let’s build a rocketship