Creating visuals for a virtual concert – FONIMA 2020

Dessigare Media joined as co-investors of the FONIMA project, an initiative of Casiopea Estudio and Rock Juvenil to promote audiovisual art and collective creations. In 2020 FONIMA was celebrated during the International Animation Festival, Animasivo.

Dessignare collaborated as a technical advisors for the creation of an audiovisual show in 360 format for the Dome Gif, this virutal dome was placed insie a virtual world created by OXXXO Collective and was the venue for an audiovisual concert that took place during the closing of the event.

Dessignare Media and Human Spiral, presented their immersive music show at the closing event of FONIMA 2020.

This experience can be displayed on virtual reality devices and can also be projected on immersive dome systems such as mobile planetariums and geodesic domes.

The Mexican fulldome show is distributed through the Dessignare Media platform dedicated to the promotion and development of cultural content. Learn more here.


As part of the educational activities organized for Fonima Vol 3, Damné Jesús from Dessignare Studio organized the workshop Walls in Motion. An 8-hour online workshop that included an introduction to the world of video mapping.

The visuals created during the workshop were used to ellaborate a show reel with different art styles, the final result of this collaboration that was presented inside the virtual world .

Moving Walls was a practical workshop to discover the possibilities of the video mapping technique for artistic and decorative purposes. This workshop was given by Damné Jesús from the Dessignare Media creative group.

Through the creation of homemade structures and the use of a video projector, visuals and photographs were displayed on a sculpture conceptualized and built during the workshop, managing to create a collaborative artistic piece of video mapping.

We also ellaborated a series of reports covering what happened during Fonima Volume 3. Find more about the activities held during this edition of FONIMA here:

We thank FONCA”, (Support System for Creation and Cultural Projects) for all the support provided for the realization of this work.

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