Exhibiting Cosmonaute 360 at Mediamorphosis VR Theather

In collaboration with VRFESTmx and Mediamorphosis we created a space dedicated to promote educational activities for children.

Cosmonaute 360 – Episode 01 ​​was presented at the VR Cinema organized by VRfest Mx during the first edition of the Mediamorphosis in Mexico City, a new media festival that promotes creators specializing in mixed realities.

VRFEST MX is the biggest virtual reality festival in Mexico and one of the most influential organizations on the subject of XR in Latin America.

Curiosity as a starting point in astronomy and Mexican culture is the guiding principle of the film for dome. Through this experience, viewers will learn curious facts in playful activities to learn about the movement of the moon and the position of the planets.

Dessignare Media

Museums interested in this experience can sign a license agreement to use the material to promote education activities in their venues. The first film of this series is available in 4K resolution in full-dome format for digital domes, and cylindrical equidistant projection for virtual reality devices. Exhibitor rights and download can be easily accessed via Dessignare.com

Pitching our new episode to experts

We had the amazing opportunity to meet a group of the international guests for Mediamorphosis to learn about new technologies and we also had the chance to pitch our new episode to receive feedback from experts in the industry. In 2022, the second episode of Cosmonaute 360 will be released by Dessignare Studio.

Thank you Damian Kirzner for this valuable opportunity!

Innovating with art and technology

During the production process, Damné Jesús, the creative director of the project, has organized a series of training sessions with the support of the Mexican group Dessignare Studio, the creative team responsible for the production of original art and animation. During these workshops, the artists behind the film is looking to promote and train new talents in the use of software for the production of full-dome films.

Cosmonaute 360 is an artistic project in which professionalism in various disciplines converges. We are looking to promote education and share our knowledge.

Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen

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New Media Production & Digital Animation focusing on cultural promotion and edutainment. Developing projects from Mexico City to the world. Founders of Dessignare Media, international network for the creative industries.

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