Dessignare Studio is featured in Espacio Diseño as a referent for Mexican Animation

Espacio Diseño is a project by Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM) that contributes to the communication of the university community. Disclosing the academic activities of research, teaching, preservation and dissemination of culture generated outside and inside the university.

In the july issue of espacio diseño, Dessignare Studio is featured alongside Cinema Fantasma, Gasolina Studios, Ánima Studios and other great companies in a top ten list reviewing mexican creators from Mexico City with a relevant presence in the international markets.

Teresa Remis Romero developed this special article researching about the animation studios located in Mexico City and what has been the impact of their projects, analyzing the quality of their animation, their originality or the uniqueness of their contents.

Dessignare Studio is currently developing their new immersive film, Cosmonaute 360 Mission: Rescue, an original production for interactive museums and planetariums. Dessignare team provide support in the creative development of digital art, design and animation. Specializing in cultural promotion and “Branded Storytelling” generating original content for film, television and digital media. With te experience and the capacity to produce documentary videos, animated short films, innovative experiences with video mapping shows.

Published by Dessignare

New Media Production & Digital Animation focusing on cultural promotion and edutainment. Developing projects from Mexico City to the world. Founders of Dessignare Media, international network for the creative industries.

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