Why should we separate waste properly?

Garbage is one of the main environmental problems in the cities! Something important that we must learn and share is that garbage requires special treatment, otherwise it will contaminate the environment. Every day in Mexico City, 12,843 tons of waste are generated; this is equivalent on average to 1.5 kg per person per day. SEDEMAContinue reading “Why should we separate waste properly?”

Crafting a story for virtual reality

Virtual reality can provide an entertaining and impactful experience but only if storytelling is applied in a meaningful way for this media. With VR headsets you are transported to a different world and when creating a narrative intended for immersive spaces, the world and the story presented should invite the user to interact and becomeContinue reading “Crafting a story for virtual reality”

Empowering new artists with the support of Cultura UNAM

We re happy to announce that through 2022 we are collaborating with Cultura UNAM, the Coordination of Cultural Dissemination of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. CulturaUNAM is a program that establishes a direct dialogue with UNAM students. Throughout the year, it develops various outreach and outreach actions with the schools and faculties of theContinue reading “Empowering new artists with the support of Cultura UNAM”

An important message for our community

Today is a special date! We celebrate love and friendship, something that is fundamental in the conception and construction of this project. In 2018 we embarked on the adventure of creating educational experiences for the new generations; along the way we met with enthusiastic educators caring to promote culture and amazing artists willing to shareContinue reading “An important message for our community”

Capturing sound at the Most Beautiful Beaches in Mexico

We traveled to the beautiful beaches of Acapulco in search of capturing sounds for our new animated short film Cosmonaute 360 – Mission: RESCUE. In this collaboration with Sound of the Wild we share the process behind the sound design. Discover how we record the sounds that will delight our ears when we visit aContinue reading “Capturing sound at the Most Beautiful Beaches in Mexico”

Developing an interactive dome to immerse people in shared VR experiences

In recent years we have dedicated ourselves to studying and promoting emerging technologies. Since then we have been working on researching and developing a solution to create collective and interactive experiences with video mapping and animation. After attending various educational forums like SIGGRAPH Conferences in North America and a visiting a variety of interactive museumsContinue reading “Developing an interactive dome to immerse people in shared VR experiences”

Promoting art and science at ESO Supernova Planetarium

We are joining the special astronomical-themed short film program for the Hi A-Festival! During the first week of November, the ESO Supernova Planetarium and Visitor Center invites visitors to Art meets Science Under the Dome , a program for children and adults that combines art and science in an exhibition full of creativity and cosmicContinue reading “Promoting art and science at ESO Supernova Planetarium”

3D Modeling Workshop for Pixelatl FESTIVAL 2021

We participated in Pixelatl Festival 2021 Online edition with a live workshop! Our collaboration was a with an introductory workshop where participants created a scene with a UFO created from scratch. We guided the viewers step by step to model and render their very first 3D asset in order to teach the principles of modeling,Continue reading “3D Modeling Workshop for Pixelatl FESTIVAL 2021”

Mexico Audiovisual – Joining the delegation of Mexican creators at Annecy Festival 2021

Annecy Festival is the largest event in the animation industry on a global level and, like every year, the Mexican delegation of animation artists and professionals who join this celebration present us with a catalog full of diversity in techniques and approaches to the art of animation. animation as a vehicle to tell stories thatContinue reading “Mexico Audiovisual – Joining the delegation of Mexican creators at Annecy Festival 2021”

MOTUS International Fulldome Festival in Taiwan features Mexican shows

The city of Chiayi is one of the few places in the world where we can still do gatherings like this during Covid. On February we started an international collaboration with an Art + Technology festival in Taiwan! The Rebalance Renaissance team presents The MOTUS International Fulldome Festival, a week-long multimedia festival that mixes artContinue reading “MOTUS International Fulldome Festival in Taiwan features Mexican shows”