Dessignare is pitching Cosmonuate 360- Time to Fly at Annecy Festival

Cosmonaute 360 new episode in development “Time to Fly“ , will be presented at Annecy Festival 2023! Six series and feature film projects in production will represent Mexico with the exhibition of projects in search of allies with the event México En Annecy Partner Pitches of MIFA 2023. The selected authors present their projects toContinue reading “Dessignare is pitching Cosmonuate 360- Time to Fly at Annecy Festival”

Dessignare New Media Experiences awarded at Creativa GDL

Dessignare New Media Experiences got an award at Creativa GDL creative companies acceleration program. Creativa GDL is a training program focused on the incubation and acceleration of high-impact ventures, specifically in the creative and digital industries. It seeks to strengthen the creative ecosystem through the formation of companies that contribute to the “Orange Economy” inContinue reading “Dessignare New Media Experiences awarded at Creativa GDL”

What is the fulldome format?

The fulldome format is an audiovisual content projection format that is mainly used in planetariums and immersive projection domes. In this format, the image is projected onto the dome, covering the viewer’s entire field of vision, transporting the audience to a completely different world. The fulldome is characterized by allowing a greater immersion in theContinue reading “What is the fulldome format?”

Premiere of Cosmonaute 360 at Minsk Planetarium – Belarus

Children and their parents are invited to the Minsk Planetarium for the premiere screening of the animated film “Cosmonaute 360 – Mission : Rescue” produced by Dessignare Studio. The premiere shows at the Minsk Planetarium have been timed for Earth Day. It is no coincidence that it is celebrated on the eve of the SpringContinue reading “Premiere of Cosmonaute 360 at Minsk Planetarium – Belarus”

Cosmonaute 360 – Mission: RESCUE is now available in FULLDOME

Our new immersive show for museums is now available in Fulldome format and ready to be distributed to planetariums across the globe! To celebrate we want to share with you a glimpse of our experience during the worldwide premiere of Cosmonaute 360 – Mission: RESCUE. This happened at the Dome Fest West, an amazing ImmersiveContinue reading “Cosmonaute 360 – Mission: RESCUE is now available in FULLDOME”

Cosmonaute 360 – Manifesto 2023 and future goals

We are starting a new production and we are very excited to share the news that we are working on a new interactive movie that will be titled Cosmonaute 360 – Time to Fly. This new production invites us to learn more about Mexican species in danger of extinction and to reflect on the issueContinue reading “Cosmonaute 360 – Manifesto 2023 and future goals”

The immersive experience Mission: RESCUE premieres in Guadalajara

To encourage ecological action Dessignare invites you and your family to live an immersive adventure with our new film Cosmonaute 360 – Mission: RESCUE! SAVE THE DATE! Our premiere in Mexico washosted by Lunaria – Planetario y Centro Interactivo de Jalisco. This event happened on Saturday, December 17 at 3:00 pm in the afternoon! TakeContinue reading “The immersive experience Mission: RESCUE premieres in Guadalajara”

Film making classes for children during our Mexican premiere in GIFF

We joined the “Niños en Acción” workshops organized by the Guanajuato International Film Festival 2022. We were invited to collaborate with a workshop for children to encourage their creativity and explore the process for crafting 2D characters. Our mission was to create an animated short film collectively. Teaching the bases for the development of shortContinue reading “Film making classes for children during our Mexican premiere in GIFF”

Cosmonaute 360 – Fan Art Collection 2022

At Dessignare Studio we love discovering new talents to collaborate on our animation projects. That is why we designed the “Immersive Experiences for Education” a series of virtual reality short films that we have specially produced with the mission of motivating new generations to become creators with a social cause. We are celebrating the upcomingContinue reading “Cosmonaute 360 – Fan Art Collection 2022”

Listen to Cosmonaute 360 – Mission: RESCUE Original Soundtrack

Music and sound design are the perfect complements to create an immersive experience. Audio creation is important because it supports the story and helps the director to connect with their audience by activating emotions and by emphasising what’s happening on the scenes. To increase the production value of our latest project, at Dessignare Studio weContinue reading “Listen to Cosmonaute 360 – Mission: RESCUE Original Soundtrack”