Chinijo’s Fulldome Fest – A planetarium film festival for children

The second edition of Chinijo’s Fulldome Festival is celebrated. A planetarium film festival for children to enjoy with family and in schools. Organized by Kosmos Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

The II edition of Chinijo’s 2018 will feature several new features including films for young audiences and content from Latinamerican creators.


Another interesting novelty this year is that one of the screenings will be planetarium short films, fulldome productions for children lasting just a few minutes, a format that innovates on innovation. Thus, in the duration of a normal screening, attendees will enjoy 3 screenings with completely different content, always with scientific content. In my opinion, these short projections are pills loaded with emotions that undermine and leave the audience with an effect for hours.


Cosmonaute 360 is a Mexican project that seeks to generate interest in science through entertainment. This through a series of animated stories dedicated to all the curious minds who dream of exploring the universe, helping others and learning collectively.


A space traveler is sailing to his home planet, but after an asteroid accident hits his ship, he is forced to crash-land on an unknown planet. It is there that he will meet a strange rabbit who will help him and teach him a valuable lesson.


In general, Spanish creations from different provinces, French, North American and Mexican will be screened.

A festival to enjoy as a family, with a variety of scientific content with 85 screenings over 12 days, of which 40 are for early childhood and primary education centers.

In addition, this year it will already have the improved planetarium room of the fishing school.

The place where this festival takes place is the famous Fishing School (Fishing Maritime Institute), which has its planetarium room, one of the first planetariums built in Spain, and which celebrates its 75th anniversary.

For family assistanc you can now get access at a cost of €0.00, at:

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