Nominees to Best Ibero-American Animation Innovative Work

The Quirino Awards for Ibero-American Animation have revealed the titles nominated in the nine categories of its second edition, which will be held on April 6 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain).

  • Spain and Brazil are the most represented countries, with 21 and 13 nominations, respectively.

For the second consecutive year, the selection reflects the diversity of works produced in the Ibero-American space, combining works by established filmmakers with works by new talents.

37 works from eight countries nominated in the nine categories

For its part, the second edition of the International Congress, which seeks to promote an interdisciplinary exchange between the academy and the profession around animation and technology, receives proposals until January 30. The selection will be notified on February 14.

  • The award ceremony will be held on April 6 in Tenerife.

Quirino Award for the Best Innovative Ibero-American Animation Work

  • Belisario – The little great hero of the cosmos, directed by Hernan Moyano. Produced by Planetarium City of La Plata (Argentina)
  • Bring You Home, directed by Marc Terris & Xavi Terris. Produced by Alike Studio (Spain)
  • Cosmonaute 360, directed by Jesús Pérez Irigoyen. Produced by Dessignare Media (Mexico)
  • Garoto Transcoded from Phosphene, directed by Rodrigo Faustini. Produced by Rodrigo Faustini (Brazil)
  • Mibots Playroom, directed by Nathalie Martinez. Produced by Wise Blue Studios (Spain)
  • The Ricochet Splendid, directed by Pablo Gostanian. Produced by 2veinte (Argentina)

The awards take their name in homage to the creator of the first animated feature film in history, the Italian-Argentine Quirino Cristiani, who directed “The Apostle” in 1917; an Argentine production in which 58,000 drawings made by hand and shot in 35 mm were used, in addition to several models that represented public buildings and the streets of the city of Buenos Aires.

We are happy to be included now in the White Book for Animation Studios in Iberoamerican Market.

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