Exporting ideas to Canada with ANIMOTORA Pixelatl

Dessignare Media was selected as one of the five creative companies to be part of the first “Innovation Bridge”, an industry promotion project promoted by ANIMOTORA, Pixelatl’s business acceleration platform.

The main objective of this initiative is to establish collaboration agreements between Mexican and Canadian talent to promote international trade. The Mexican animation and multimedia art industry was represented in Québec City by 5 creative studios that visited the region to publicize their catalog of projects and services.

For a month, the participating Mexican companies settled in the LE CAMP co-working space in Quebec City to receive support from Quebec International, the Quebec metropolitan economic development agency that supports technological and creative entrepreneurship with numerous initiatives that have been launched to help stimulate the capital’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Animotora is Pixelatl’s platform dedicated to business acceleration and for this project it collaborated with Quebec International and its platform of experts who worked as mentors.

Those selected in the mission were the Mexican studios: Vanilla Studios from Cuernavaca, Morelos, represented by Gabriel Villavicencio, Platypus Animation Studio from Guadalajara, Jalisco represented by Thalía Machuca, GameCoder Studios from Guanajuato, represented by Alberto Rodríguez, Sísmica Studio (CDMX) represented by Asdrúbal Rivera and Dessignare Media represented by Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen.

Here we share the first episode of a summary video that shows the results of this initiative:

Through a SoftLanding program, support was provided to the selected companies so that they could install temporary offices in LE CAMP, providing Mexican companies with strategic support of great value for the acceleration of their projects and the realization of an international business plan. that would allow them to start operating in the province of Québec.

Over a period of 4 weeks, those selected dedicated themselves to generating a business plan to undertake in the region, which was evaluated with the support of a multidisciplinary team made up of marketing, export, and innovation professionals.

Dessignare Media is a creative group based in Mexico City that specializes in the development of multimedia projects with an educational profile and cultural dissemination with the mission of promoting the growth of culture and professionalism around the creative industries.

For 10 years, through the Dessignare.com portal, a professional network has been integrated that actively collaborates, generating creative alliances at an international level between design studios, software developers, communication agencies, digital art schools and companies in the sector.

Participants had the opportunity to reside at Laval University and experience total immersion in discovering Québec through its impressive natural wonders, government, and culture. A city that concentrates extensive activity in the technology sector, becoming an ideal space for anyone interested in creative industries.

The participants had to prepare themselves to face the challenges of cultural differences. Quebec City is the capital of the province and although it has a significant English-speaking population and daily life can be conducted in English, Quebec City is lived entirely in French.

This posed a communication challenge and therefore, they had to train in basic aspects of the language and lifestyle in the city. Taking into account that when visiting the city on a business mission, English was strictly necessary and of equal importance! Training in French applied to business and that this would allow them to communicate effectively with their interlocutors.

With a focus on technology commercialization, the month-long program focused on laying strong foundations and preparing effective presentations so participants could have successful business meetings. Their business projects were validated and their approaches were structured, allowing entrepreneurs to mature their idea quickly and efficiently.

The mentors provided coaching sessions on leadership, export, legal aspects, tax incentives, culture and language, intellectual property, and pitching. The studios also participated in very introspective and valuable sessions on scalability and leadership to achieve sustainable growth within their organizations.

The Soft Landing program concluded with a catwalk of the companies, the directors of each studio had the opportunity to create an agenda of visits resulting in a series of meetings with executives of the large multimedia and video game production companies Frima and Ubisoft, sessions scouting through educational spaces such as the Quebec Aquarium and the Museum of Civilization and a tour of the great visual effects production house Rodeo Fx. The trip concluded with the studios participating in the Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade and the Montreal International Game of Montreal Summit, Canada’s largest video game development event.

Quebec companies were kind enough to give extensive tours of their facilities and share how they nurture the creativity of their artists. At the close of the meeting agenda, the executives described the delegation of Mexican companies as a brave industry full of creativity.

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New Media Production & Digital Animation focusing on cultural promotion and edutainment. Developing projects from Mexico City to the world. Founders of Dessignare Media, international network for the creative industries.

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