MOTUS International Fulldome Festival in Taiwan features Mexican shows

The city of Chiayi is one of the few places in the world where we can still do gatherings like this during Covid. On February we started an international collaboration with an Art + Technology festival in Taiwan!

The Rebalance Renaissance team presents The MOTUS International Fulldome Festival, a week-long multimedia festival that mixes art and technology to promote cultural exchange among Taiwan’s indigenous people. This thanks to the full-dome format, better known as 360 video-mapping or full-dome projection.

The festival offers an experience that incorporates a 10-meter-high geodesic dome, inside which the artists project their work on a 360-degree screen, fusing visual art with music and a strong message. The group’s mission is to combine the elements of ecological conservation: culture, art, learning, wellness, appreciation, science and technology.

Using art and technology  as a way to bridge the gap between nature and the city!

Dessignare Media was invited to collaborate with this event presenting content inspired in Mexican culture.

The shows presented by Dessignare Media are: the audiovisual concert “Tree of Life” and the interactive experience for family audiences “Cosmonaute 360 – Episode 01“.

Tree of Life from creative director Evelyn Sánchez Becerra, is an original production featuring music by experimental rock band Human Spiral. With visuals that represent the tree of life and multiple icons of Mexican culture, before the presentation of the work, the organization shares stories about Mexican culture and the inspiration that has shaped the images and sounds performed.

Dessignare Media presents shows in Taiwan Fulldome Fest

The second show presented is Cosmonaute 360 by director Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen, the first episode of our series of educational experiences for museums and multimedia festivals. The series of animated stories is designed for a family audience and seeks to connect with curious minds who dream of exploring the universe, helping others and learning collectively.

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