Dessignare organized an Illustration Meetup for Pixelatl 2022

Let´s draw together with Cosmonaute 360 and Pixelatl!

To celebrate the launch of Cosmonaute 360 – Mission: RESCUE by Dessignare Studio, a drawing meetup was organized as part of the Pixelatl Festival. This event took place on Ciudad Creativa Digital, Guadalajara within the Espacio SAE on Friday, September 9.

In this session, the artists Lolo Aburto and Damné Jesús shared their entire creative process and gave tips for Adobe Illustrator showing how a simple sketch can be converted into colorful vectors. In addition to showing the results of working with Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere tools.

For this special activity we invited all attendees to bring their notebook or tablet to draw the characters from the new episode of Cosmonaute 360.

Participants had the opportunity to win various prizes to boost their creativity including Adobe Creative Cloud creative software licenses. You can learn more about professional creation tools at

Lolo Aburto’s graphics combine video games and cartoons with Mexican culture. His cute illustrations have put him in the spotlight of the streamer community and his gaming influences gave a special touch to the characters of Cosmonaute 360 by Dessignare Studio.

Dessignare Media, our specialized blog in creative industry is dedicated to promoting new talent in digital art and during this meeting it managed to discover many illustration artists whose work it has shared on its networks.

We invite you to follow our instagram accounts to discover the illustrators who have joined our dynamic!

We also had a giveaways with prizes sponsored by Adobe Latinoamerica. We provided 3 artists with 1-year license for Adobe Creative Suite to boost their creative work!

At the close of this event, glass bottles, coffee cups, reusable cutlery sets and totebags were distributed to continue promoting our environmental message. Join the Mission: RESCUE and immerse yourself in the adventure by exploring our website!

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