What is the fulldome format?

The fulldome format is an audiovisual content projection format that is mainly used in planetariums and immersive projection domes. In this format, the image is projected onto the dome, covering the viewer’s entire field of vision, transporting the audience to a completely different world.

The fulldome is characterized by allowing a greater immersion in the visual experience. In addition, high-resolution projection technology is used to make images sharper and more detailed.

Get to know our fulldome content proposal here!

This technique is known as 360 video mapping. Our projection system offers the best quality, since it can project in 4K and display interactive content in real time.

Our dome have the capacity of up to 1000 people and can be custom built. This can create a unique experience in addition to the advantage of being itinerant and being able to settle in any space.

– Dessignare New Media Experiences

Being present in interactive museums, this immersive format is mainly used to project content related to astronomy and science, but it can also be used to project films, animations and live shows. The projection in fulldome format offers a unique and immersive visual experience that can be transferred through the use of traveling tents.

Dessignare recently presented a new project for the creation of content for planetariums and museums in Mexico. Discover more in this talk presented at the Cosmonautics Festival, an event organized by the Chimalhuacán Digital Planetarium.

Cosmonaute 360 is part of the Dessignare New Media Experiences, a series of immersive films that spark audiences’ curiosity before formal classes on topics such as astronomy, digital arts, film appreciation, and ecology. The goal of our Full-Dome / VR shows is to promote interest in science through edutainment. To trigger educational experiences, after the screening of our immersive films, the audience is invited to participate in a live experience that includes workshops and playful Show & Tell sessions with educators.

Follow our adventures at www.instagram.com/cosmonaute360

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