3D Modeling Workshop for Pixelatl FESTIVAL 2021

We participated in Pixelatl Festival 2021 Online edition with a live workshop! Our collaboration was a with an introductory workshop where participants created a scene with a UFO created from scratch. We guided the viewers step by step to model and render their very first 3D asset in order to teach the principles of modeling,Continue reading “3D Modeling Workshop for Pixelatl FESTIVAL 2021”

Promoting VR creation with the support of Digital Culture Center in Mexico

Dessignare has collaborated with the Ministry of Culture, through the Digital Culture Center through the Immersion Laboratory to be part of the video collection: Tools for creating immersive experiences. The project has consisted of a series of contents produced by the community of digital creators with the aim of distributing resources among creators to generateContinue reading “Promoting VR creation with the support of Digital Culture Center in Mexico”

International Planetarium Society supports Mexican animation with worldwide distribution

We are super happy to share the news that as of today our original content in full dome 360 format is already part of the collection of multimedia resources offered by the IPS International Planetarium Society, the world association of planetarium professionals. Visit: https://www.ips-planetarium.org/page/fulldomemasters IPS distributes tools so that its international planetary network can innovateContinue reading “International Planetarium Society supports Mexican animation with worldwide distribution”

Research on Immersive experiences for education

An Introduction to 360 Animation Cinema Research by Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen The production of animation content for immersive experiences is a global trend. It is for this reason that creative studios and animation production houses in Latin America must pay special attention and put into perspective the possibilities and challenges of venturing into emergingContinue reading “Research on Immersive experiences for education”

Crehana invited us to design educational materials for audiovisual creation

From Animatic to Animation! Dessignare Media developed a course with a special focus on sharing their pipeline and demonstrating the creative process to direct animated sequences, from concept and planning to the animation of characters with cutout techniques. The objective of this course is creating your own scene with an original character and animated backgroundContinue reading “Crehana invited us to design educational materials for audiovisual creation”