A new generation of Mexican animation is emerging at international markets

In the last 5 years, the panorama of original content production in the Animation industry in Mexico has grown exponentially, and thanks to the efforts of Mexican artists and professionals together with the support of organizations such as Pixelatl, the presence of such content in international markets has been increasing.

With the aim of documenting this milestone in the history of Mexican animation, the Dessignare Media creative group has joined the group of professionals and artists who have traveled to Annecy, France, to present their projects at the festival.

In the following video-documetary we will witness some of the creative proposals that have emerged in this period and that have been presented in the international market MIFA, the international business meeting that seeks to place content and animation production services during the “Festival international du film d’animation d’Annecy” (Annecy Film Festival), an event that is considered by experts to be the most important meeting point for the animation industry worldwide.

Historically, the years 2017 and 2018 have represented the largest presence of Mexico with the participation of a delegation that on average has more than 30 professionals in each edition.

Developing immersive experiences with global impact

Cosmonaute 360 is a project produced by Dessignare Media and directed by Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen, it presents a series of short films for children, specifically designed in an immersive format for their exhibition in educational spaces, including schools, museums, virtual reality stations, planetariums and film festivals. international new media.

With an international distribution approach, the main objective of the project is to initiate interactive experiences between children and tutors through dynamics that promote new methods of education, using new media as a tool to facilitate said interactive experiences.

For the production of the first stage of the project, the knowledge acquired through the research sessions was applied while new techniques were generated for the realization and new distribution proposals according to the possibilities of the study with respect to its socio-economic context.

The second stage of this project will address the issue of “ecology” reflecting on the consumption of plastic and pollution in the oceans. It is intended to place this content in aquariums and educational spaces related to water care to motivate the new generation to reduce the consumption of plastic by showing the consequences of its use.

A golden age for mexican creators

In 2017, the Annecy Film Festival inaugurated its MIFA Campus section, a special program for the meeting of students and professionals who are just starting out, with internationally established actors, so that attendees get to know the industry better and can come into direct contact with their sources of inspiration. Guillermo del Toro was chosen as an industry mentor to sponsor this effort, giving the first master class, where he spoke about the speed with which cinema in general is evolving and how animation is increasingly present, even in conventional cinema sequences. .

During his stay, he met with students attending the campus, and the admiration and affection that the international industry has for him was confirmed once again. After this event, Guillermo del Toro has been an active participant in the industry promoting initiatives and support for young talent, especially for the new generation of Mexican artists.

Jorge R. Gutierrez considers that Mexico is experiencing a new golden age for animation in Mexico, since national production begins to have collaborations with foreign studios, and the level of education has risen professionally and commercially.

In the 2017 edition Jorge Gutierrez was present as a speaker as he was part of the program with the preview of his new feature film, in addition to the presentation of a teaser of his VR project, entitled Son of Jaguar, and which has been produced by Google Spotlight Stories. . Project that premiered worldwide in Mexico during the Pixelatl FESTIVAL and that had a presentation to the public in the 2018 edition of the Annecy Film Festival.

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