Cosmonaute 360 lands in Chimalhuacán – One of the biggests planetariums in LATAM

Chimalhuacán have one of the best planetariums in Latin America. The Digital Planetarium of Chimalhuacán is an interactive museum dedicated to scientific dissemination and which, due to its technological characteristics, is considered one of the best planetariums in Mexico and Latin America.

The Chimalhuacán Planetarium offers an experience full of knowledge for a low fee for children and adults.

Located in the “El Chimalhuache” Ecotourism Park, the planetarium is surrounded by green areas and inside you can find permanent exhibitions, traveling exhibitions and an immersion dome format projection room with capacity for 200 attendees per function. In addition to activities such as courses and workshops and astronomical observation sessions with telescopes.

We had the opportunity to visit this beautiful educational space and, in our opinion, in addition to being considered one of the best due to its size, the accessibility of its entry costs and the fact that it is equipped with the most advanced technology in projection systems, we believe that it should also be recognized for the incredible work and vision of its administration.

Built with the mission of promoting knowledge and educational experiences, the planetarium is equipped with a state-of-the-art projection room for the 4K fulldome digital format, 3D surround audio and class viewing system for astronomy. Its capacity can serve 200 attendees per function and with only three months of starting operations, the planetarium boasts a transit of almost a quarter of a million attendees.

We are proud to share that our creative group Dessignare Media joins the educational efforts of Planetarium Digital Chimalhuacán and contributes content for planetarium visitors. Starting Monday, August 6, our children’s content “Cosmonaute 360” will be projected on the digital dome. An initiative with which we want to explore new ways of communicating, entertaining and opening windows of dialogue between teachers, children and education centers.

Cosmonaute 360 is just a little excuse for tutors and parents to start a curious chat with their children. Investigate and learn together.

Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen – Director of Dessignare

Cosmonaute 360 is the first in a series of immersive children’s films designed specifically for interactive museums, planetariums and new media festivals. The contents are also available in 360 video format for mobile devices and virtual reality (VR) and are distributed free of charge.

After the projection, the dialogue with the audience is opened with learning sessions guided by the team of planetarium operators, prompting children and adults to ask questions and providing curious facts that spark the imagination and invite investigation. At the end of the projection, the children who were part of the session can share their ideas with the staff.

This Mexican project was designed to generate interest in science through entertainment that tells us a universal story dedicated to all curious minds who dream of exploring outer space.

Have you ever wondered why Mars is red? o How do you make an animated film?

The main intention of this project is to inspire young minds with family content that celebrates social values and curiosity. The 3D animated short film presents us with a story carefully created to capture the attention of young people and was designed without dialogue to break down language barriers. Currently the creative team is producing its most content, and its Mexican fulldome is already projected in more than 12 countries in Europe, Asia and America.

Dessignare Media, thanks and applauds the spirit of this much-needed space in our society, and is committed to collaborating with it to share and continue promoting learning.

To conclude, we invite you to take advantage of the rest of the summer vacation to attend with your family and live the experience of the Chimalhuacán Digital Planetarium, and to motivate you, here we share some photos of this museum to encourage you to visit it.

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