Official Selections and Screenings of Cosmonaute 360 in 2018

RIGA DIGITAL FORUM is the first new technology short film festival in Baltics organized by “RISEBA” University of Business, Arts and Technology in cooperation with “Telia Latvija”.

Our new film Cosmonaute 360 was selected to be showcased in this festival!

RDF festival is a 2-day entertaining educational event where short films developed with the newest technologies like drones, 360°, virtual reality will be showcased. During the festival companies-producers will present various filming technologies, also there will be panel discussions, different workshops, master classes and other activities held for the audience.

  • Dates of the festival: 2018 October, 19 – 20
  • Venue: Architecture and media centre “H2O6” Durbes street 4, Riga, Latvia


The FICMA Festival in Mexico seeks the integration of audiovisual narrators with the creative industries. FICMA is an inclusive festival, whose mission is to spread knowledge around VR, Augented Reality and new media applied to storytelling. We are happy to share that Cosmonaute 360 will be screening as an experience for the official selection of FICMA 2018.

FICMA disseminate quality projects with the technological resources available, with a firm cultural and social commitment that is becoming more and more consolidated with each edition.

El Paso IMPACTFest Film Fest

IMPACTFest is and Educational Emerging Tech Conference and Workshops focusing in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

IMPACTFest Global works under the Paso del Norte Charitable Foundation, which is a non-profit tax-exempt organization.

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New Media Production & Digital Animation focusing on cultural promotion and edutainment. Developing projects from Mexico City to the world. Founders of Dessignare Media, international network for the creative industries.

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