Special event in Luis Enrique Erro Planetarium presents the Making of Cosmonaute 360

We invite you to celebrate Semana de las Juventudes (Youth Week) with a special event in Locomotion Fest style!

From Monday 5 to Sunday 11 November we will be projecting at the Luis Enrique Erro Planetarium in Instituto Politécnico Nacional. Join us to discover how we made the first episode of our animated series for education Cosmonaute 360°, an full-dome movie designed specially for planetariums and digital domes.

On Thursday, November 8 at 6:00 p.m., the director of Dessignare, Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen will show and tell his experiences during the production of the film with a special keynote about the creative process of this project. He will be accompained by Ini Vázquez, the creator behind the music for the film.

As part of the activities organized by Locomoción Festival, Damné Jesús will also moderate a discussion panel about media coverage in the animation industry.

It was a lovely night! We had the opportunity to gather families and present the “making of” of our short film. The keynote was presented in the digital dome and we are super happy that we had a chance to share it in a creative way. Totally through instagram stories!

-Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen

Here you can take a look at some of the production materiales presented by Dessignare Media to inspire new generations to create more fulldome content. Also a demostration of the original music tracks developed by Ini Sound Design.

Ini Vázquez, is a musician specializing in sound design and dedicated to the composition of original scores for films, animated content and video games.  He is the director of INI Sound Design a music production company in Mexico City.

Influenced by the geek culture since childhood he has always enjoyed experimenting with different sounds. He is currently producing albums for Carrion and providing services in ASMR.

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New Media Production & Digital Animation focusing on cultural promotion and edutainment. Developing projects from Mexico City to the world. Founders of Dessignare Media, international network for the creative industries.

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