Master Class: Storytelling for 360 experiences – Shortway Pixelatl

With a highly specialized training program and a first prize that includes an artistic residency in France to produce the winning short film, Pixelatl presents Shortway a program developed in collaboration with the Annecy Animation Festival , the most important and longest-running in the world.

The Mexican organizations Pixelatl and Ciudad Creativa Digital from Guadalajara, Jalisco, are the producers of this event, which aims to support the talent and ideas of creative entrepreneurs.

In order to organize Shortway, a call for animated short film projects in the early stage of development is previously held, open to creators and artists from Latin America, which includes a bootcamp with the selected projects and master classes open to the public.

For the first edition of Shortway, the event feature speakers from Europe and international reception.

The work program also includes some specific workshops to improve the possibilities of each project, with the participation of Geraldine Bache, project manager of the French Animation Market, and Ivan Zuber, producer and co-founder of Laïdak films, an animation studio based on Berlin.

Damné Jesús from Dessignare Media (México) was invited to teach a Master Class in Developing stories for 360 formats. Using multiple examples from the research done at international events with top creators and the experience generated by producing content for museums and planetariums we shared lessons on developing films for immersive mesia. This live session was completely free for creators interested in developing films.

We decided to record a video covering this session to facilitate the content of this class for young creators that was not able to attend the event.

Together, studies, academia and government, we work to consolidate this sector in Jalisco as a benchmark at a national and international level.

Shortway is a strategy that promotes emerging artists from Latin America for the production of animated short films with an authorial profile, mainly with an artistic vision, which generally do not have support.

José Iñesta – Director Pixelatl

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