Translating 2D desings into 3D characters for animated films

One thing we love about the creative process of animation is the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of professionals and artists all around the globe!

We are currently in development of our new film! And altough our production will be fully developed with digital animation techqniques , having a physical model to explore can be very handy for digital artists. Having the opportunity to grab the character in our hands, watch over it and become aware of the dimensions is a game changer. This approximation to 3D creation can help modeleres to take better decisions when translating the designs into puppets for animation.

This is the reaseon we commissioned artist Nayelli Ojeda from Mexico City to handcraft two custom sculptures of our characters as part of the production of our new episode.

Nayelli Ojeda was provided with design documents for this project and was responsible for making decisions about materials and manufacturing processes.

The Cosmo-Explorer

The cosmo-explorer is one of our main characters, his personality distinguishes him for being adventurous, kind, noble and always with a big smile. This character represents ingenuity and interest in science.

The silhouette of the character is based on basic figures. Rounded corners square shaped body and short arms built from triangles or rounded cones. The shape of the body is inspired by a marshmallow, so it should transmit the feeling of a soft material.

We love his expression with his eyes closed and always smiling!

The Cosmo-Bunny

We all want to understand more about our surroundings. This mysterious bunny represents the curiosity and connection we have with nature. Tender, playful and simple. There is not much to explain, but there is something special about him.

With this character we want to promote learning and transmit a feeling of peace. The design of its body is built by basic figures, mainly triangles in all directions, and as a curious fact, its tummy is inspired by a sack of flour.

Nayelli delivered the sculptures with a case for their protection. We can assure she poured heart into creating this lovely pieces of art!

I totally recommend the work of Astronaut Animation. Nayelli always maintained clear communication regarding the development of the project, resolving doubts and with an attitude of service. In addition to providing opinions and proposals that added value to the final result!

Damné Jesús – Creative Director

Astronaut Animation has attention to detail that is hard to find and shows a genuine interest in delivering quality products. You can follow Nayelli’s professional activities on her social networks to discover more around the creation of audiovisual materials with a specialized approach to stop-motion.

Visit her profile here:

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