Tips for your first 3D print

We are currently experimenting with the possibility of turning our 3D models to physical sculptures and through our process we would like to share some recommendations for people entering the world of 3D printing.

Before you launch into 3D printing your creations:

  • Level your print bed
  • Calibrate your equipment by printing a cube
  • Use this cube to review the results, pay attention and check if dimensions are accurate
  • Clean your print bed and make it sticky
  • Experiment by downloading complex models and testing the capacity of your printer
  • Optimize your models
  • Adjust your models in the best position to keep in balance during the process
  • Before going big, start with little prints
  • Don´t be afraid to divide your model into pieces that you can ensamble later
  • Keep your filaments fresh
  • For your first creations you can glue pieces and detail the model after print
  • Be patient
  • If your print keeps crashing, leave your phone capturing a timelapse to discover what the issue might be
  • Observe and take notes
  • Models by @damnejesus
  • 3D Prints and Custom paint by Teresa Remis

3D print is a great way to produce your own art toys, or even props for stop-motion!

Follow the creative process of our new short film Mission: RESCUE in our instagram account!

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