Why should we separate waste properly?

Garbage is one of the main environmental problems in the cities! Something important that we must learn and share is that garbage requires special treatment, otherwise it will contaminate the environment.

Every day in Mexico City, 12,843 tons of waste are generated; this is equivalent on average to 1.5 kg per person per day.

SEDEMA – CDMX Government

Not everything we stop using should be considered garbage. We must learn to classify our solid waste and this way take care of the environment. By using containers we can prevent solid waste from mixing and dirtying, otherwise materials will lose all of their value.

If we separate waste, raw materials can be recovered: paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal, textiles, PET, etc. By classifying them before throwing them away, we can support in the process of these materials to be recycled.

These are important benefits when separating the garbage:

  • Prevents pollution of land, rivers and air.
  • Allows the renewal of the earth.
  • Reduces the risk of death in animals.
  • Prevents the proliferation of diseases.
  • Reduce production costs by being able to recycle.

Due to incorrect management of waste, and the lack of a culture of recycling, we mix our waste, which will thus become garbage and lose any possibility of being reused or recycled. Garbage is worthless and pollutes. If you deposit your mixed waste, it will go directly to a sanitary landfill to be buried, nobody will be able to take advantage of it and it will cause great environmental damage for a long time.

So it is time to organize as a society to collaborate with schools, government, families and organizations to adopt and promote better consumption habits and waste management practices.

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