Cosmonaute 360 – Manifesto 2023


Year of the Rabbit – A year of hope.

Together with you, we embark on a new exploration!
In 2022 we were fortunate to meet again, we made new friends and we learned more about ourselves.

Inspired by the rabbit, this year we intend to keep going, creating with sincerity… Step by step, hop by hop, stumble by stumble! Enjoying the way.

Our power lies in the other.
In our families. In our friends.

We are vulnerable beings, but recognizing this fills us with strength, confidence and determination. Because we know that we are not alone and our curiosity, attention and focus have led us to discover what we are capable of. Teaming up we can do more!

There are always new ways to connect, share and collaborate.
We invite you to join us on this path.
And we thank you for being here.

Time flies. Let’s take advantage of every moment.
This 2023, we wish you full life, peace and prosperity.
To the adventure, always!

  • Cosmonaute 360 Team / Dessignare Studio

Published by Dessignare

New Media Production & Digital Animation focusing on cultural promotion and edutainment. Developing projects from Mexico City to the world. Founders of Dessignare Media, international network for the creative industries.

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