Cosmonaute 360 – Mission: RESCUE is now available in FULLDOME

Our new immersive show for museums is now available in Fulldome format and ready to be distributed to planetariums across the globe!

To celebrate we want to share with you a glimpse of our experience during the worldwide premiere of Cosmonaute 360 – Mission: RESCUE. This happened at the Dome Fest West, an amazing Immersive Dome Film Festival and Conference that takes place in Los Angeles.

Ryan Moore is the executive director at Dome Fest West and we are so excited to share his impressions about our new film!

This event was hosted at Orange Coast College Planetarium in Coast Mesa, CA. The planetarium there opened in 2019 and features a Digistar 6 system.

Cosmonaute 360 – Mission: RESCUE is the second episode of our series of immersive experiences for education. A family friendly content that is willing to inspire the audience to celebrate friendship, curiosity and nature!

Dome Fest West is truly a magical experience and we were honored our team was invited to celebrate fulldome art and have the opportunity to meet the community and to premiere our new show Cosmonaute 360 – Mission: RESCUE at this amazing event!

– Damné Jesús, Director of Cosmonaute 360

Dome Fest West’s next in-person Fulldome Film Festival will take place in April 2024 in Los Angeles! The specific dates for the 2024 in-person event will be released in June 2023.

California is the perfect backdrop for a fantastic celebration of fulldome art and fulldome culture! We are working to finish our new film in time to attend again, now with the premiere of our new experience in development Cosmonaute 360 – Time to Fly. We are sute Dome Fest Westwill only get bigger and better!

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