Follow the adventures of Cosmonaute 360 in Instagram!

You can now discover news on the production of our new episode “Mission: RESCUE” directly in your instagram feed. We invite you to follow our explorer and his new friends, we would love to hear from you and share ideas! Kudos to Sandra Medina, an amazing artist from Mexico City and one of the foundersContinue reading “Follow the adventures of Cosmonaute 360 in Instagram!”

Translating 2D desings into 3D characters for animated films

One thing we love about the creative process of animation is the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of professionals and artists all around the globe! We are currently in development of our new film! And altough our production will be fully developed with digital animation techqniques , having a physical model to explore canContinue reading “Translating 2D desings into 3D characters for animated films”

Looking for partners at Annecy Film Festival

Dessignare Media continues its search for co-producers for its educational animated series project Cosmonaute 360. The Annecy International Animation Film Festival is the oldest and biggest event in the animation industry with its Market (Mifa): the major international reunion for over 8000 industry professionals. To strengthen ties between Mexican creators and the international market that meets yearContinue reading “Looking for partners at Annecy Film Festival”

Research on Immersive experiences for education

An Introduction to 360 Animation Cinema Research by Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen The production of animation content for immersive experiences is a global trend. It is for this reason that creative studios and animation production houses in Latin America must pay special attention and put into perspective the possibilities and challenges of venturing into emergingContinue reading “Research on Immersive experiences for education”

Crafting a film for planetariums

New media and storytelling are tools that can transport the audience to other worlds, through this immersion we can boost the curiosity and inspire on a higher level. But, what are the opportunities that we should not lose sight of when creating content for immersive media such as planetariums and vr devices? Cosmonaute 360 isContinue reading “Crafting a film for planetariums”

Special event in Luis Enrique Erro Planetarium presents the Making of Cosmonaute 360

We invite you to celebrate Semana de las Juventudes (Youth Week) with a special event in Locomotion Fest style! From Monday 5 to Sunday 11 November we will be projecting at the Luis Enrique Erro Planetarium in Instituto Politécnico Nacional. Join us to discover how we made the first episode of our animated series forContinue reading “Special event in Luis Enrique Erro Planetarium presents the Making of Cosmonaute 360”

Mexican animation gets distribution in Europe with British Fulldome Institute

Cosmonaute 360 is a Mexican project that offers interactive experiences aimed at children and has been designed specifically for its projection in immersive domes and educational spaces such as planetariums, museums and new media festivals. The main objective of this initiative is to promote interest in science through entertainment, with a series of animated shortContinue reading “Mexican animation gets distribution in Europe with British Fulldome Institute”